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WARNING TO THE WORLD !!! DONT BUY ELECTROLUX !!!!! 1 of 1 people found it helpful
Dryer has not worked well but chalked it up to new dryer cycles I needed to learn how to use. Now it's less than 6 months old and it barely dries anything. Today, it popped up with error code 65 and is taking 3-4 cycles to dry anything. This is in household of two people so it's not like the machine is overworked. Bought an extended warranty though I usually don't because I just had a sense it wasn't working well but am on my 5th phone call...
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I liked
  • Customer service was nice
  • Perfect steam cycle
I didn't like
  • Complete failure under 6 months
  • Lack of drying capability
My just Tech just left and still haven't been able to fix our dryer. It has been since 5/23/16 and the tech has been to our house over 5 - 8x as of today (with waiting on parts from companies who don't even carry it). We had it with this *** we've been patient enough !! The tech tells us it can't be repaired the but the smart ones on electrolux tech support keep giving him parts to replace !!! What parts, everything has been replaced except the...
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I liked
  • Nothing to like
  • Nothing to like right now
I didn't like
  • Electrolux