I've had my brand new $2,500.00 set of washer and dryer for 3 days, on doing the 4th load of laundry, it stops working, error code 13, water leak. I hope I don't regret purchasing this set, I would hate to petition all of the others who Electrolux has burned and petition for a class action suit.

I called customer service, I was told oh it's new, you can expect a code 13 or 35.

Really?, I can expect problems with a brand new appliance, you know about it, and you do nothing about it? I'm seriously nervous about this purchase.

Monetary Loss: $1250.

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I hate mine worse $2500 ever spent


I'm seriously nervous about your lack of grammatical skill.


I've also experienced an intermittent E13 Error Code several times over the 18b months we've owned the washer. Always cleared when cancelling and restarting the cycle.

Never was a consistent problem. While reviewing the comments about the Drain hose being inserted too deep into the standpipe as being a principle cause, I check ours.

The hose was inserted more than 18" into the pipe!! Shortened it to about 8" and will see if that resolves the issue.


I have the same issue (EIFLS60LT). Had problems immediately.

Either error Code 13 or no water reading. Had repairman out 4 times. Have replaced circuit board, pressure flow switch and some sort of tube because of the E13 warning. Checked water pressure and made sure drain hose was correctly placed.

Still having the same problems!

All other functions work flawlessly, except for those that use hot water. I'm at my wits end.


Or it is something like a drain hose inserted too far into the standpipe and siphoning water out as it fills creating longer fill times and thus the error code. 99% of new machine problems are due to install errors and I doubt that the customer support line said to "expect" errors


You need to chill out and stop acting like an ***. Class action lawsuit...really???


waiting for the repair man for ... ooohhhh, the 5th or 6th service call on this POS in a year!

various codes (latest is E13) and sometimes NO code, just stops mid cycle leaving me with a soggy mess on my hands. using the "rinse spin" cycle has usually helped out with those loads.

motherboard replaced. pump replaced. and other stuff i can't even remember.

this is ridiculous for the amount of money i have spent on these machines (dryer never seems to *quite* dry the clothes all the way regardless of setting) thank goodness i got the extended warranty. i'm hoping maybe they'll declare it legally dead and i can get a new one (or something else!)


I'm not sure how old this post is or if anyone still checks it but i have had the same issue as well. the trick to get your clothes out or to finish the cycle is to hit cancel then just do a rinse and spin cycle.

or if that doesnt work unplug it for 10 to 15 secs. cancel works everytime for me. and i just had a tech look at the problem and he told me that it was having "gravity siphoning". it was due to the drain pipe being too far down the drain hole, its only supposed to be like 6 to 8 inches down, so i have corrected this problem and unfortunately i have only clean clothes as of now and im water conscious so i dont want o run an empty load.

i will report back in a few days to explain if this helped.

hopefully this helps someone that was in my same boat or if anyone has a different solution please add it .. thanks

to Dustin #853401

Hi. Was the problem siphoning because the drain hose was too low?

I am having a similar problem, only I get a e13 intermitently.

Thank You, Bob

Mesa, Arizona, United States #649733

I also got an error code on about the 6th load of washing. The customer service people were nice, nobody said I could expect problems.

But my clothes were LOCKED IN for 2 weeks until it could be repaired, which is total ***. They replaced a door switch, a pressure switch, and the motherboard. And now, today, on day 65 of owning this machine, it's E-13 again...

Locked my clothes in again. Curious how many other people have this same issue.

to LynnBenson #873876

E13 means there is a water leak. It's there to prevent the washer from over filling and dumping 50 gallons of water in your house.

As the previous person mentioned, the siphoning is the main culprit (on a washer w/ no leak) the drain hose is inserted into the drain pipe and can cause a vacuuming effect which results in water being sucked from the washer. I'm surprised the door was locked on you, can you try to unplug the machine for 20 secs and reset? I think there are factory reset directions on the documentation under the lid. Take the 2 screws off the back of the top to remove this.

Remember to unplug the machine when working on it as it can give you a nasty shock!

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