My Dryer is just one month old, first i got the error code, the first day, called electrolux, sent a repair man out, said it was clogged vents, had a professional crew clean out the vents to 100% clear, when i pull out the dryer screen the lint falls into the cavity of the dryer, called elect, they sent me a new screen, same problem, sent another repair man, he cant figure it out, called elect, told them i want a new one, they refused because i have not had any parts faulty or replaced yet. the dryer screen isn't considered a part.

its one month old 4 times i called, 3 service people appointments, nothing they can do. electrolux refused to do anything unless a part is faulty.

They think its ok to have a $1100 dryer that everytime i dry a load and take out the filter the dirt just falls off and i have to get a vacuum with a tiny log hose to suck out the debris so it doesnt go into my venting and cause a fire, I'm very unhappy with Electrolux! My dryer isnt working corectly and they dont care.

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